Construction and Application

We construct and/or apply all of the products that we supply. We start with raw natural materials and mix them to create the right product for your project and complete the application or construction ourselves. The exception to this is the strawbale panels, which we generally don’t assemble on site as it is a straightforward task for your builder to complete (similar to the erection of prefab timber frames).

For lime and clay plasters we typically work on a fixed square meter rate starting at around $60/m2 which includes all labour and materials. Different finishes are available and some are more time consuming and expensive to create. We do give a fixed price for all plaster work so contact us about your project requirements.

Bulk Material Supply

We are able to supply bulk plasters, rammed earth, light clay straw, hempcrete and any other natural mix that you want to use. The forced action mixers and roller pan mixer are located in Christchurch and material can be supplied in anything up to 1 tonne bulk bags. We can source and supply all of the required materials and deliver a ready to use product to your site. We are also happy to use your own materials if you would like to provide them for mixing. Sorry we don’t currently supply small quantities of interior plasters for DIY application. The only plaster we supply is bulk clay-straw plasters for use on typical earthen buildings.

Natural Material supply

We sell and can source a range of natural building materials that work perfectly alongside our products.

  • Natural earth pigments
  • Pozzolans
  • Woodfibre boards
  • Clay and hemp boards
  • Hemp hurd
  • and more