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Lime Plaster

Marble Polished Venetian Marmorino Lime Plaster in Charcoal
White Marble Lime Plaster, Christchurch
Creamy Lime Plaster, Kaikoura
White Marble Lime Plaster, Queenstown
Natural Beige Lime Plaster, Christchurch
Natural Creamy Lime Plaster, Kaikoura
Antique Lime Plaster, Christchurch


Tadelakt Bath in a Morrocan Style, Kaikoura
Tadelakt Bathroom and Shower, Geraldine

Clay Plaster

Clay Plaster Basecoat on Strawbale walls, Christchurch
Clay Plaster on Curved Doorway

Rammed Earth

Veneer Rammed Earth Feature Wall, Geraldine
Rammed Earth Test Wall with Low Clay Content, Christchurch
Rammed Earth Garden House, Austria

Earth Floor

Troweled Earth Floor, Christchurch
Troweled Earth Floor, Christchurch