Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth has been an important building method for up to 7000 years. It is has been used around the world due to its simplicity, performance and beauty.

Today, earth and clay buildings are more important than ever as a sustainable, healthy, low-cost and durable option.

Why choose rammed earth?

Rammed earth is a load-bearing structural technique that is covered in NZ earth building standards. Thick rammed earth walls naturally regulate the temperature and humidity to keep a comfortable and stable internal environment throughout summer and winter. The materials are 100% natural and healthy as well as mold, pest, and fire-resistant.

Rammed Earth Walls

Rammed earth walls are 40-60cm thick walls built up in 10-15cm layers of clay, silt, sand and aggregates. They can be left in their raw state on the interior and exterior, or plastered with clay or lime. Natural expanded clay can be used for insulation. Importantly, rammed earth does not contain cement (contrary to many others using it).

What we build

  • Structural walls 40-60cm thick, insulated or un-insulated
  • Internal walls 30-40cm thick
  • Feature walls, fences, fireplaces, pizza ovens and more

Rammed Earth Floors

We create seamless, joint-free earthen floors that are finished with a wax and oil to create an extremely durable surface that is totally natural, forgiving, low-maintenance, and beautiful. Different clays, aggregates and colours allow for a totally unique floor every time.

What we build

  • Heavy earth floors 10-12cm thick
  • Light earth floors 6-8cm thick, possible for suspended timber floors
  • Japanese Tataki limestone floors
  • Earth floor waxing and oiling

Rammed Earth Blocks

Coming Soon

Pre-fabricated rammed earth blocks of various sizes. We have 3 block presses that are being set up to build large rammed earth block (or other earth blocks such as adobe). Approximate sizes may be:

  • 800x400x150mm
  • 400x400x150mm
  • 800x150x150mm

What we will offer

  • Structural walls
  • Veneer walls
  • Feature walls and structures
  • Blocks for sale for DIY projects