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Natural Plaster

Lime and clay plasters are ancient techniques used all over the world to create beautiful, durable and healthy living environments. The texture, natural colours and soft corners is comforting and adds a subtle depth that cannot be replicated with paint. Lime and clay regulate humidity and provide an incredibly high air quality without any chemicals. Natural plasters can be applied to most interior walls.

StrawSIPS Modular Straw-Timber Wall System

Prefabricated, modular strawbale panels are the future of strawbale building. They are efficient, affordable and precise and retain all of the advantages of strawbale buildings. They are highly insulating, completely natural and beautiful to live in. Our machinery can create panels of various sizes and almost any design can be adapted for a panelised construction.

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is a simple and elegant construction technique that creates a rustic, natural finish that shows the construction process in the finished wall. Layers of moist earth and clay and compacted between formwork, which once removed reveals the solid mass of earth. Structural load bearing walls up to 60cm thick are possible, as well as veneer feature walls.