earth is the most abundant, healthy, sustainable, and ecological material we have ever known. it is beautifully simple, yet astonishingly complex and instinctively connects us to nature.

We build with only natural materials from the earth (clay, lime, rock, sand) and plants (wood, fibres, wax, oil) in their most natural, raw and organic state possible. The re-discovery of thousands of years of natural building knowledge from every continent and utilisation of modern techniques allows us to create environments that are healthy, comfortable, sustainable and unique. We specialise in creating modern rammed earth buildings that perform to the highest standards of healthy living.

The petrochemical, mechanical, and lifeless construction of the modern world will never be able to replicate the familiarity and calmness of stepping into a natural earth home on a hot day or the softness of walking barefoot on an earthen floor. We are a part of nature, and just as with the food we eat, using unprocessed natural materials is the most beneficial for the environment and ourselves. Building truly healthy and sustainable places to live and work in will have a life-changing effect on our health, happiness and the environment.