Ocre Rouge Natural Pigment


One of the most versatile pigments we have. Mixes brilliantly with most other colours to create a huge range of colours. Orange-red brown, well covering, with a transparent binder. Salmon with a white binder.

This pigment is 100% natural.

Made in France.


Natural earth pigments are ideal for use in natural building with earth, clay, lime and natural paints. They are non-toxic to work with, highly UV resistant and mix extremely well with natural materials. Perfect for making lime and clay plaster, limewash and natural paint.

Use: lime, wax, paint, plaster, fresco, glaze, cement, fine arts, flour paint.
This pigment is in powder. For use in artistic paint, it should be finely ground in a mortar before mixing it with the binder.

Maximum dosage: The maximum dosage is 10% compared to the binder used. Above 10% it is recommended to incorporate fixators and adjuvant (lime use).

Technical Characteristics:
Chemical name: Kaolinite – Goethite
Colour Index: R102
Apparent density : 587 g/l
UV resistance: excellent
Colouring power: very good