Monte Carlo Blue Natural Pigment


Bright blue with a green tinge and transparent binder; with a white binder, it’s more clear but remains very covering.

This pigment is 94% natural, without any danger for the health or the environment.

Made in France.


Natural earth pigments are ideal for use in natural building with earth, clay, lime and natural paints. They are non-toxic to work with, highly UV resistant and mix extremely well with natural materials. Perfect for making lime and clay plaster, limewash and natural paint.

Use: lime, wax, paint, plaster, fresco, glaze, cement, fine arts, flour paint.
This pigment is in powder. For use in artistic paint, it should be finely ground in a mortar before mixing it with the binder.

Maximum dosage: The maximum dosage is 10% compared to the binder used. Above 10% it is recommended to incorporate fixators and adjuvant (lime use).

Technical Characteristics:
Chemical name: copper phthalocyanine and calcium carbonate
Colour index: B15
Apparent density : 950 g/l
UV resistance: average (generally, blue pigment have poor outdoor performance)
Colouring power: very good