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We have a range of finishes and colours that we offer as standard lime plasters. If you have any requirements for a different type of plaster (such as exterior, hydraulic or water-resistant) please contact us for more information.

Venetian Marble

Smooth and Polished Lime Plaster

A luxurious and mirror like finish with organic, random mottling that creates an amazing visual depth to the surface. The finish is smooth and without texture.

Alternatively, a velvety and smooth surface with slightly visible trowel movement in the finish can be achieved. The finish is not polished, is low sheen, and doesn’t have the same mottling or depth of colours.


Medium Smooth or Matte Lime Plaster

A minimally textured surface with a modern look that suits any space and can be applied to entire rooms and houses without being overbearing. Subtle variations in texture and colour are common.


Textured Matte Lime Plaster

A rustic, highly textured finish that resembles typical Mediterranean finishes or natural sandstone/limestone blocks. Large variations in texture or a uniform rough finish are possible.