About Us

Earth Studio is one of the only (if not the only) company in New Zealand specialising in un-stabilised (no cement) rammed earth construction, plus numerous other earth building techniques and finishes. We believe the most simple solution is almost always the most appropriate, and our use of raw or minimally processed natural materials follows that philosophy.

Designing with Earth

Natural materials can require some unique details when designing and we can provide you and your architect with ideas and suggestions to make the construction simple and affordable.


We build with rammed earth, clay, lime, straw and other natural materials. We are able to complete everything from structural walls to interior finishes.

Material Supply

We produce a number of our own natural materials and can supply to anyone completing their own project. We can also help with the import of natural materials from Europe or other regions.

Stefan Warnaar
Earth Builder

Stefan Warnaar was introduced to building with earth while travelling through various regions of the world, where most of the population still lives in earthen homes, and he experienced the amazing comfort and connection with nature that solid rammed earth walls provide.

A background that has involved working in the architectural field and a degree in chemical engineering combines an artistic and scientific aspect to building with earth. It was a natural fit that brought the passion for design and architecture into tangible, hands-on projects where an understanding of the complex relationship between the thermodynamic, hygroscopic, physical and chemical properties of natural building materials is required.

Stefan has worked on projects in New Zealand and Austria, with both un-stabilised and cement-stabilised rammed earth techniques, as well as Tadelakt and various other clay and plant-based materials.